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Meet Brandy Sanders, Wife, Mom, and Founder of BReal Seasoning

Meet Brandy Sanders, Wife, Mom, and Founder

Brandy Sanders is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and excellent cook. Born and raised in Chicago, Brandy grew up working in her father's restaurant, Kenny's Ribs and Chicken, which has been serving the community for over thirty years. As a result of her time there, Brandy developed a love for cooking, and her friends and family developed a love for the food that she makes. She notes, 'Over the past few years, I have been hosting Sunday Dinner at my house for my family and friends. After constantly being asked, ‘How did you make your chicken?' or ‘What do you put on your BBQ ribs?', I knew I had to take action.

She continues, 'Anyone who knows me knows that I don't write recipes down or remember what exactly I put in my food. I finally decided to switch it up. I created recipes for my favorite seasoning blends and wrote them down. Blazing Chicken was my first completed blend. I gave out samples and within a couple of days, I started to receive such great feedback and the rest was history!

With the goal of bringing 5 star meals to kitchen tables around the country, Brandy launched B Real Seasoning in 2020. Her seasoning blends are different variations of herbs and spices designed to enhance the flavor of your everyday meals. Brandy currently offers thirteen different blends, varying from Gourmet Italian to Kitchen Sink, and she has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Brandy hopes that B Real Seasoning will one day become your one-stop shop for all of your cooking needs. Looking ahead, she plans to sell her seasoning blends in grocery stores across the country, taking her brand to the next level. She says, 'Fear to me means incompletion. If you can't finish a task, most times it's because somewhere along the process, you have gotten scared of the unknown.

Although entrepreneurship isn't always easy, Brandy is determined to never let fear stand in her way. The heart behind B Real Seasoning is the same heart Brandy has carried throughout her career: to serve her community by sharing her talents. She says, 'I'm not money motivated. I love every business that I have created and oftentimes it's not profitable, but I continue because I love making people happy and bringing smiles to faces.